Why Do Cleaner Products Cost More?

Why Do Cleaner Products Cost More?

Why do cleaner products cost more? Let’s address the elephant in the room. I know this was my number one questions before entering this business. It is what deters most people and I get it. I want to be as open and honest as possible. So, we are going to address this! Take note, I am in this business now. ➾ So, the reasons are WORTH IT!


It costs money to screen ingredients and produce a cleaner, safer product

  • Cleaner, safer products are growing in popularity, but are still relatively new. It should be no surprise that clean beauty companies have to start from the ground up with product formulation. They cannot simply “copy” an existing product. Instead, they must be creative and resourceful when creating formulations. 
  • Cleaner brands must also fund their own safety screenings. The industry does not require a whole lot of testing. Clean beauty brands have to invest more time, money, and other resources into ingredient innovation and safety measures! 
  • By purchasing cleaner products from Beautycounter, you are INVESTING IN YOUR HEALTH. Read more about why I choose Beautycounter here.
Why do cleaner products cost more?

Responsible sourcing is expensive.

  • Of course, we need products that are safe and high-preforming, but also need ingredients to be sourced responsibly. How would you feel if you loved your new eyeshadow palette only to discover that its raw materials were mined by forced child labor?
  • By purchasing responsibly sourced products from Beautycounter, your dollars are going toward IMPROVING THE LIVES of everyone in the supply chain.

Sustainable packaging is more pricey to use and ship.

  • Compared to its plastic, sustainable packaging options like glass, bamboo, and others are more expensive to use and to ship. The major benefit, though, is that they are renewable. They are also safer for the products they hold because they do not leach chemicals.
  • By purchasing sustainable products from Beautycounter, you are TAKING CARE OF OUR PLANET. 


The bottom line: The clean beauty mission requires resources

Scientists, advocacy leaders, sustainability experts, certifications, and consulting with top doctors all cost money. But it is worth it! These “extra” costs allow products to be made with cleaner, safer ingredients that we know are not harmful. They provide for the use of eco-friendly materials and the ability to advocate for real change!

Beautycounter is forcing real change within the personal care industry. Beautycounter is committed to creating cleaner products. They are using sustainable packaging wherever possible and advocate for stricter industry guidelines. We like to say, “If you think we are just selling lipstick, you are not paying attention!”.

By purchasing with Beautycounter you are MAKING THIS WORLD A SAFER PLACE for generations to come. In the future, cleaner products will be less expensive. For now, we have a lot of work to do.

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