The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

*Drum roll please* A Nourished Life has been nominated for the Liebster Award!

I’m so honored and excited to have been recognized by a fellow blogger. The song Celebration will be stuck in my head until further notice. 🙌

Hold up for just one second. What is the Liebster Award?

It is a virtual award passed from bloggers to bloggers. It exists as a way for people to support one another by recognition.

If you are nominated, these are the rules you follow:


A Nourished Life- The Liebster Award


So, let’s get down to business.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the wonderful person who nominated me.

Thank you so much, Kate. You’re a peach:


The Artful Appetite

The Artful Appetite is a food blog that features beautiful vegetarian and plant-based recipes. At one point, Kate, the creator, was interested in becoming a dietician but her creativity and artistic nature led her in another direction, but she is still interested in nutrition and healthy living! In addition to the recipe posts, Kate sometimes includes posts about her favorite restaurants and cookbooks, her travels, and her art. This blog represents a marriage of two of Kate’s great loves in life: photography and food.


Here are my answers to Kate’s questions:


  • Why do you enjoy blogging and why did you start your blog? I enjoy blogging because I love to share what I create. I love blogging because it documents my journey to make healthy eating easier with simple, delicious recipes. It’s easy to feel like no one listening, that no one cares about the content you publish, but then that one sweet email shows up in my inbox it is so encouraging. I do it for myself and my readers—doubly rewarding.


  • If you could donate a million dollars to an organization, which one would it be and why? I would donate the money to organizations like Gardening Matters, Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council, and Urban Oasis. They are all centered around healthy, sustainable living by teaching people to cook with whole foods, grow their own gardens and support local food producers.


  • Where would you like to travel to as a dream vacation? Uh, I have to pick JUST ONE PLACE?! Ok, how about this? I’d love to travel the entire world, duh, but I’m feeling a Mediterranean cruise in my near future.


  • If you could live abroad for one year, where would it be and why. Gah, this is so hard! I would definitely want to be somewhere with an incredibly rich history, beautiful architecture, and delicious food… Who am I kidding? I can’t pick one place. I’d love to be in Southwestern Europe or Northern South America. If any of your live in these places, how about a houseguest? I’ll cook for you. 😁


  • What is your favorite book? I have such a hard time with these questions that want me to pick just one of something. Aside from cookbooks, I think The Giver series by Lois Lowry would take the cake.


  • What is your favorite vegetable? I love Scotch Blue Kale. I know, kale-truly basic girl answer, but this variety is the best. It’s tender enough to eat raw without choking on the fibrous stalks and firm enough to use in stir-fry and soups without becoming mush.


  • Which hobby would you like more time for? MY BLOG. I would love to pour all day, every day into cooking, creating, and making it beautiful. I don’t know if I consider it solely a hobby. It has become my happy place where my creativity and love for healthy food thrives.


  • Where is the most interesting place you have visited and why? So, my travel list is not nearly as long as I would like it to be (working on it 🤙 ), but my answer is Puerto Rico. My husband and I were too young to rent a car and spent most of the time walking around the island. We spent one whole glorious week of exploring, getting to know the locals, swimming, kayaking, trudging through the jungle and loving island life. The people were the most memorable part. They were so very kind.


  • What is your favorite cookbook? I love these 100 Best series. They are full of tons of easy recipes (100 to be exact- obvi).


  • What is your most proud accomplishment? I am proud of my bachelor’s degree and how far my photography has come. I still have a lot of work to do, but I its all starting to pay off.


  • If you had to choose one nations cuisine to eat for the rest of your life, which would it be? Italian food, baby—minestra di ceci, arrabbiata sauce, pizza pugilese, baked risotto—yes, please.


Here are 11 random facts about myself:


  1. I started my blog in July of 2016 during my senior year of college (yeah, didn’t have a ton of spare time to work on it).
  2. I won my 3rd grade bake sale with my grandma’s cream cheese cookie recipe.
  3. I prefer espresso over coffee.
  4. I am mostly a morning person.
  5. I enjoy learning and experiencing other cultures—truly experiencing them with the local people.
  6. Pineapple and bananas are my two favorite fruits.
  7. I’m successfully keeping 12 houseplants alive in our basement living situation. I had 15, buy SOMEONE, *ahem* Luna (my furry child) destroyed both Impatiens and an African violet. Both are safe for kitty digestive systems, just so you know.
  8. I don’t think I’ve seen an in-theater movie in 2 ½ years. I’m not a huge movie fan and I figure I wait the extra few months and watch it in the comfort of my own living room.
  9. I sing all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. I remember lyrics like my life depends on it.
  10. Dark chocolate over milk chocolate, for sure!
  11. Curry powder or homemade Ranch style seasoning is one of my favorite spices to use on veggies.


Here are my nominees:

Hi, I’m Kendra!

I’m a wedding planner based out of Southern Ontario, a wife, and a big time dreamer. I am completely obsessed with french fries, dogs, and extremely loose fitting clothing. Most days you can find me perched in my home office, rocking sweat pants and a messy bun (like, really messy, not Pinterest messy). I’m a creator, a wine drinker and a lover of earl grey tea — and I am always planning my next vacation. I started this blog as a way to document my life in the realest way possible, and to connect with other like minded womenpreneurs who are chasing their wildest dreams; a place to spill bits and pieces of myself and a place to share stories. So if you like reading about someone else’s sometimes messy life – welcome!


Besides being a tea connoisseur, avid yogi, dog mama and Community Health Education student, Bella Lam is a plant-based lifestyle blogger and recipe developer. Her blog is focused on holistic wellness, conscious living and vegan recipes. was born out of the need to help others and be a trusted voice for positive change. She shares personal stories, goal setting tips, product reviews and recipes that are aligned with living a holistic life.


I was born and raised in India, a land famous for exotic spices and diverse cuisines. Professionally trained as a pastry chef. Besides a busy cook, I am a food blogger, photographer, stylist and a recipe developer. My mom has always been my true inspiration and I inherited my passion for experimentation in cooking from her. She taught me that cooking is not simply about combining ingredients – it’s about adding soul to every dish. I truly enjoy experiencing foods and flavors from a variety of cultures, and incorporating them into my own personal style of cooking. Here at Deluscious Bites, I try to spread the sweetness around with recipes, stories and photos from my adventures in the kitchen. Join me and share my journey through life with food!

Emily is the personal trainer, photography, and recipe developer behind Get Well With Em. She creates easy, healthy recipes that even the most amateur cook can recreate. Teaching people that you can live healthy and on a budget without too much time or money. Emily believes in listening to your body, and making choices based on what feels good for YOU. She lives in Minneapolis, MN where she works as a wellness coach and lives with her cats, Trout and Mona.


The Paleo Pantry is a blog centered around real food recipes to fuel a life of adventure. Lindsay is a rock climber and crossfitter with insatiable wanderlust. After learning of her many food intolerances, she was amazed at how wonderful she felt eating a mostly paleo diet – and she wants to share that feeling with everyone. The Paleo Pantry shares paleo, gluten free, allergen friendly recipes made with high quality, clean ingredients that will leave you feeling awesome. Lindsay has also perfected the art of traveling with dietary restrictions, and shares gluten free travel guides for all the places she visits!


Here are my questions for each nominee:


  1. What motivates you to keep up blogging and why?
  2. What would be the most amazing adventure you could ever go on?
  3. What songs have you completely memorized/ often get stuck in your head?
  4. If you had an extra 4 hours in your day, how would you use it?
  5. What the small things, the little joys that cheer your up?
  6. What are 3 things you do to relax and clear your head?
  7. What fad or trend do you wish would come back?
  8. You’re stranded on a dessert island and you can only bring 5 items with you. What would they be?
  9. What is your go-to meal when you’re short on time?
  10. Tell us about something you are really good at?
  11. What is the most valuable thing blogging has taught you?


Well, there you have it. Thank you to all who have and are participating in passing this award along. Check out all the wonderful bloggers in this post. Leave them a comment or two because we should be each another’s biggest fans.


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