How to AVOID Overeating This Holiday Season

How to AVOID Overeating This Holiday Season


We are less than 2 weeks from Thanksgiving people! That means we are that much closer to an endless parade of food. SO MUCH FOOD. I am all for enjoying ourselves this holiday season and what better way to do that than eat delicious food.

But…We usually eat too much and feel stuffed or DAYYYS. *blah* I hate that, (ya feel me?) but how are we supposed to resist?

Here are 5 things you can to to AVOID overeating this holiday season.


  1. Don’t Forget Breakfast
    • Eating breakfast gives you valuable energy for the day’s cooking and merry-making. It also helps you feel full. When it comes time to eat that holiday meal, you will be less likely to over-serve yourself.


  1. Munch On Your Veggies First
    • Eat your vegetables first. Veggies are full of fiber and vitamins and your body will thank you for filling up on the nutrients first. It may even help you keep from completely filling up on those less nutritious foods.


  1. Take Smaller Portions
    • I know this one is no fun because nothing is better than indulging in grandma’s pumpkin pie, lemon bars and chocolatey brownies. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to give them up. You don’t have to avoid your favorite sweet treats. What you can do instead is try eating a smaller portion. If you can’t resist eating a slice of pumpkin pie and a cookie, split them all in half. You can find a relative to share them with or simply leave the other halves for someone else who passes by that desert table.


  1. Remember Those Leftovers
    • Think back for a moment. Do you ever remember a holiday where they were no leftovers???… Nah, didn’t think so. When you are sitting at the table thinking you can eat just one more serving of this or one more piece of that, remind yourself that there will be leftovers. You will have a chance to eat this delicious meal again.


  1. Say “No, thanks”– it’s not rude
    • We all have those relatives that like to make sure everyone is full, sometimes too full! It’s especially hard when you have to keep up that “Minnesota Nice”. Shout out to my MN readers! I’ve learned that it is a-okay to politely decline another helping or a sweet treat. It’s not rude. It’s taking care of your body. If shy and don’t want to flat-out refuse, try letting them know that you have eaten enough but would love to take some extras home with you.


Where these tips helpful or am I just cramping your festive style???— can’t believe I just said that. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Disclaimer: I adapted this from an article I produced for the Mankato School District

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